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Among many articles to come we will begin with a series on America – Where We Came From. The following is an exerpt from the first article in this series. You will need to visit back and get the inaugural issue to read the full article.  

America – Where We Came From (Article#1)

Consider this in the immortal words of the band Aerosmith:

"Kings And Queens"

Long ago in days I'm told Were ruled by Lords of greed Maidens fared with gold They dared to bare their wombs that bleed Kings and queens and guillotines Taking lives denied Starch and parchment laid the laws When bishops took the ride Only to deceive The history of the world is replete with men and women who were made sovereign to reign over the individual and the collective. This system was begun by those that had earned respect and loyalty from their peers and who presented character such as bravery, wisdom, knowledge and leadership skills. In time as the population grew through birth or by merging with other groups through statesmanship or conquer the leadership became more distant from the individual and indeed a hierarchy of control was established. This pattern of societal establishment repeated itself over thousands of years of human existence until great kingdoms and even empires were established. As the disconnect between the rulers and the ruled grew so did the wealth and power shift to the ruling oligarchy while the submissive class became poorer and had no recourse with their governors. Early on in this grab of power and wealth laws were written to limit free expression of the opinions and will of the people. Instead the people were at risk of execution and torture for expressing something that cast a negative light on the ruling elite. Ownership of personal property was placed at risk and often was seized to provide a lavish lifestyle for the elite and to finance further power grabs. This included the mass ownership of the best lands by the state. And then came religion.

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