Change Is Inevitable-Deal With It

No doubt that change is a scary thing. This fear comes from not knowing the outcome.

Werewolf Transformation by JeanelleWalston

Change comes in two forms:

  1. Random change
  2. Planned change


  1. Change made by external forces
  2. Change made by choice

No matter what; change is inevitable. The ONLY thing you have full control over is how you respond to change. Many questions run through your head regarding what to do. Change is rarely inherently bad but rather it is neutral most of the time. How you deal with change is usually the determining factor defining whether the change is good or bad.

  1. Changing jobs? – Depends on how you handle it
  2. Divorce? – Again it depends upon you and your response
  3. Getting married? – Could be the worst move or the best move you will ever make. It is your response that defines it.

Change can be a wonderful development in your life leading to new and GREATER things. We could try and tell you all of the tips, pearls and techniques  for handling this but ultimately you have to make a decision on what to do. Instead, there is an even greater opportunity for you to learn. There is a parable that is so simple a 5th grader can understand it and yet has the wisdom of a Plato held within it's words. It takes less than 30 minutes to read and we link to it on our reading list.

The parable is called "Who Moved My Cheese?" and is written by Spencer Johnson, MD. In it's pages you will find the questions and answers that arise from any change event. We encourage you to begin a reading program for growth. This is how the greatest minds have developed.Surpass S logo Sig




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