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Napoleon Hill’s Success Principles

What if I told you that I knew an EXTREMELY rich and powerful benefactor and that he wanted to help you spend 20 years with the most successful and influential people of all the world. These include CEOs, religious leaders, kings, media moguls, members of high office, entrepreneurs, inventors and many more. People at the pinnacle of success in their field. Rich, powerful and influential as well as those driving the advancement of mankind. What if I told you that after these 20 years you would have learned how these people tick and would have your experience culminate into a complete understanding of what these people all had in common? Further, that you would assemble these into a list of principles of success for ALL to learn and apply in their own lives? Fantasy? Impossible? Well, this exact thing happened to a man who is not that widely known. His name is Napoleon Hill.

Andrew Carnegie (after whom Carnegie Hall was named) was one of the great industrialists of the late 1800s. He founded the U.S. Steel corporation and was responsible for providing steel for the railroads as well as many constructions that are still landmarks today. He was extremely wealthy at the end of his career.

As with all people of his type, Carnegie realized that using his vast wealth for material things provided a limited lifespan for the benefit to mankind that it would provide. However, he surmised, if he could use his wealth and influence to provide advanced learning for mankind that this would be reproducible and that the effect of his wealth could last forever. He was sure that these principles could be honed to a formula that even the common man could apply and gain success. Carnegie developed a plan to use what he had attained to allow a young editor to do just what is described above. Impressed by Napoleon Hill while being interviewed by him; Carnegie had his man.

For the next twenty years Hill was provided opportunity to observe from afar, to meet in person and to analyze individuals in many areas. People who all represented the apex of success in their own field. At the conclusion of this period of learning Hill began to assemble the formula that Carnegie had predicted.

Fortunately for you and others, you don’t have to spend 20 years compiling this information. Hill has assembled this information in a clear and concise formula. The formula is presented to the public in nine different books addressing the subject in a number of different formats. The most well-known of these books is “Think and Grow Rich”. However, the most comprehensive and detailed of these works is “Master-Key to Riches”.

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