Facebook Fan Page Drive

Surpass magazine has a contest for November.

Our goal is to increase fans on our Facebook page.

Here is your opportunity to have fun and gain something.

By clicking on the button below you can enter.
Upon entering you will be provided a unique link to share ANYWHERE.
You can share your link to your Facebook page, pages you manage and groups you are a member of.
You can also send the link to your friends on your email list.

The contest software will keep track of the number of individuals who click on your link.
The link takes you to the Surpass Magazine Fan Page where they can view and "Like" the page.
The contest ends at midnight on November 30th.

The winner will be awarded a full page bio including photo and any desired web links in an upcoming issue of Surpass Magazine.
They will also have the bio posted on our website and on our fan page.

This is a real opportunity to get your name out there.
You can promote your profession, business or cause. (Photographers.. Models… Other business owners… HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!

ENTER TODAY!!!!!!!!!

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