Response to Terror in France

From the Editor-
One thing that we promise at Surpass Magazine is that we will not succumb to the ignorance of political correctness but rather always bring you the truth and stand firmly upon it's foundation. For a better understanding of the ignorance and danger of political correctness we encourage our readers to explore works by George Orwell and in particular his book 1984. In it he has a different term (New Speak) for political correctness. To quote his book "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." He was not far off on his timing. Political correctness pervades our age now.
Surpass feels a great bit of sympathy with the people of France at this trying time. However, the challenge of the recent events presents a backdrop to re-examine those elements which allow for these things to happen. In the name of political correctness France instituted some of the worlds strictest gun laws, had open borders and was afraid to speak the truth about a people who's mission it was to destroy them. Rather they tried to embrace all cultures and never "offend" anyone.
The fact is that 15-25% of the Muslim population are radicals. This represents a faction of millions of people. The religion is the only major religion in the world that has at it's core a belief that all non-members should be killed, enslaved or taxed into submission. (Straight from the Quaran not just our opinion). It is impossible to coexist with people who intend to kill you.
Surpass Magazine believes in the value of all people. Tolerance is noble and should be the cause of all mankind. Love is the greatest force in the universe. However, it is imperative that all people recognize barbarism for what it is and to stamp it out when it begins to take root no matter what venue it rears it's ugly head.
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