Surpass Magazine is a magazine aimed at a male audience who is beginning or already on a path of success. These men are hard-driven Alpha males with interests in a range of areas from sports to intellectual pursuits. They are men of class who don’t mind getting dirty when they play and adventure.

One element common to these men is a sincere appreciation for beautiful women who exude class as well as sensuality. High Class Hunnies are just that. These are the type women that a Surpass man would be just as comfortable taking to a ball or opera as well as taking to the alter… a perfect fit for the boardroom and the bedroom as a partner and life companion. A High Class Hunnie is a woman that an upwardly mobile man would be proud to have as a mate.

To be a High Class Hunnie you will need to have no or minimal tattoos, no facial piercings and no sub-dermal implants, gauges or similar modifications. You must be able to represent our brand with impeccable class.


We will need at least three photos shot professionally submitted to our email address: These need to be shot using at least 12megapixels and be no smaller than 5x7in in 300dpi full color. We require at least one from each of the following categories: Formal Wear, Lifestyle/Casual/Editorial, and Swimwear/Lingerie… No nudes please.

Your submission should also include the downloadable application form so that we can know a little about you. Click the link below to download it.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Thank you,

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Click here to download the model application.